The individuals listed below are pre-registered and
for the district tournament. This will be
the only confirmation you will receive. If you are not on
the list below but feel that you should be, call the OIJGC
Midwest Office at: 1-800-97-OIJGC (1-800-976-4542).

Tournament Summary

Girls 10-122
Girls 13-146
Boys 10-111
Boys 12-132
Boys 14-153
Girls 15-186
Boys 16-186

Player Confirmation

NameHome TownDivisionAvgHotelMonday Tee Time
Balding, EmilyBrookfield, WIGirls 15-1880YesJun 12 2017 12:00PM
Balding, SarahBrookfield, WIGirls 13-1484NoJun 12 2017 12:00PM
Barretta, JeremyWinnetka, ILBoys 16-1879NoReserve
Bolles, Owen Bloomington, IllinoisBoys 10-1188NoReserve
Breslin, MeganDuQuoin, IlGirls 15-1880YesReserve
Breslin, SarahDuQuoin, IlGirls 15-1880NoReserve
Cekander, HaydenSavoy, ILBoys 16-1878NoReserve
Cunningham, TylerWestmont , Illinois Boys 14-1585YesJun 12 2017 10:20AM
Davis, FaithRiverton, IllinoisGirls 13-1480NoReserve
Edwards, KyleBloomington , IllinoisBoys 16-1875NoReserve
Gordon, JasonChicago, IllinoisBoys 12-1380YesReserve
Hakman, CaraEffingham, ILGirls 13-14103NoReserve
Hakman, NinaEffingham, ILGirls 13-14103NoReserve
Holtz, MichaelGodfrey, ILBoys 16-1874YesReserve
Kelley, MattTinley Park, ILBoys 14-1585YesJun 12 2017 10:20AM
Kennedy, ReaganBloomington, ILGirls 10-1292NoReserve
Ludwig, LukeEffingham, IllinoisBoys 16-1878NoReserve
Ludwig, MacyEffingham, IllinoisGirls 13-1490NoReserve
Malcius, PauliusLemont, ILBoys 12-1380YesJun 12 2017 10:00AM
Murphy, MaddisonBloomington, ILGirls 15-1881NoJun 12 2017 11:10AM
Toenjes, CameronMillstadt, IllinoisBoys 16-1885YesJun 12 2017 11:00AM
Wegman, AvaEFfingham, ILGirls 15-1889NoReserve
Wegman, EllieEffingham, ILGirls 13-14100NoReserve
Weyrauch, SavannahBloomington, IllinoisGirls 15-1878NoReserve
white, alexhillsboro, ILBoys 14-1577NoJun 12 2017 11:00AM
Young, MadelynMount Carmel, IllinoisGirls 10-1286NoJun 12 2017 1:00PM