The individuals listed below are pre-registered and
for the district tournament. This will be
the only confirmation you will receive. If you are not on
the list below but feel that you should be, call the OIJGC
Midwest Office at: 1-800-97-OIJGC (1-800-976-4542).

Tournament Summary

Girls 10-121
Girls 13-148
Boys 10-111
Boys 12-132
Boys 14-158
Girls 15-1815
Boys 16-1817

Player Confirmation

NameHome TownDivisionAvgHotelMonday Tee Time
Adler, PatrickWinnetka, ILBoys 14-1575NoReserve
Armstrong, AllysonMt Carmel, IllinoisGirls 15-1885NoJun 11 2018 12:30PM
Armstrong, Preston Quincy, ILBoys 14-1585YesJun 11 2018 11:10AM
Bauer , Kolten Alton , IL Boys 16-1875YesJun 11 2018 10:30AM
Beerheide, RyanArlington Heights, IllinoisBoys 14-1584YesJun 11 2018 9:00AM
Bollinger, RyanRed Bud, ILBoys 14-1590YesJun 11 2018 10:00AM
Breslin, MeganDu Quoin, IllinoisGirls 15-1879YesJun 11 2018 12:20PM
Breslin, SarahDu Quoin, ILGirls 15-1879NoReserve
Campbell, ParkerQuincy, IllinoisBoys 16-1876YesJun 11 2018 11:10AM
Carr, ThomasWaterloo, Illinois Boys 16-1879YesJun 11 2018 12:10PM
Cunningham , TylerWestmont , Illinois Boys 14-1585YesJun 11 2018 11:00AM
Dixon, WesleyLake Forest, Illinois Boys 16-1876NoReserve
Frese, GavinQuincy, ILBoys 16-1879YesJun 11 2018 1:40PM
Gerongay, IhneralayzeNormal, ILGirls 10-1292NoReserve
Gordon, JasonNorthbrook, IlBoys 12-1377YesReserve
Gottman, LillianMt. Carmel, ILGirls 13-1495NoJun 11 2018 12:30PM
Grant, ElaineChillicothe, ILGirls 13-1483NoReserve
Grieve, PierceLake Forest, ILBoys 14-1575NoReserve
Herrmann, Lucas Columbia, ILBoys 16-1884YesJun 11 2018 10:00AM
Hofferkamp, AustinThe Woodlands, TXBoys 10-1172NoReserve
Hudgins, DrewMurphysboro, IllinoisBoys 16-1878YesJun 11 2018 1:30PM
Johnson, KaitlynSmithton, IlGirls 13-14110YesJun 11 2018 11:30AM
Kelley, MattTinley Park, ILBoys 14-1585YesJun 11 2018 11:00AM
Kennedy, ReaganBloomington, ILGirls 13-1483NoReserve
Kreinberg, SamWaterloo, IllinoisBoys 16-1882NoJun 11 2018 12:10PM
Lawson, MillieMetropolis, ILGirls 15-1878YesJun 11 2018 10:00AM
Leffers, JackQuincy, IllinoisBoys 16-1880YesReserve
Lemke, KatherineGeneva, ILGirls 15-1888NoReserve
Loeb, CharlieWinnetka, IllinoisBoys 14-1585NoReserve
mchugh, clareeffingham, ilGirls 15-1880NoReserve
Miller, GraceDecatur, IllinoisGirls 15-1883NoJun 11 2018 10:10AM
Miller, ZaneWaterloo, IllinoisBoys 16-1879NoJun 11 2018 12:10PM
Murphy, MaddisonBloomington, ILGirls 15-1880NoReserve
Novosel, LaciQuincy, IllinoisGirls 13-1482YesJun 11 2018 10:40AM
Osterhage, Ashley WATERLOO, ILGirls 15-18110YesJun 11 2018 11:30AM
Patterson, JimmieQuincy, IllinoisBoys 16-1876YesJun 11 2018 1:50PM
Perlman, AlexDeerfield, ILBoys 16-1880NoReserve
Raoul, AbdelCHICAGO, ILLINOISBoys 16-1879YesJun 11 2018 7:00AM
Rosenthal, JaredDeerfield , IlBoys 16-1881NoReserve
Schrader, DaisyMount Carmel, ILGirls 13-1490NoJun 11 2018 12:30PM
Siebers, LukeQuincy, IllinoisBoys 16-1885YesJun 11 2018 1:40PM
Sims, MatthewNaperville, ILBoys 12-1385YesJun 11 2018 11:00AM
Smith, MayaMt Carmel, ILGirls 15-1898NoJun 11 2018 12:40PM
TANAKA, HANNA, ILGirls 15-1875NoJun 11 2018 1:00PM
Wahlig III, george (tre)Waterloo, ILBoys 16-1879YesJun 11 2018 12:10PM
Wegman, AvaEffingham, ILGirls 15-1882NoReserve
Wegman, EllieEffingham, ILGirls 13-1495NoReserve
Weyrauch , SavannahBloomington , Illinois Girls 15-1876NoReserve
WILLIAMS, ZACHMT VERNON, ILBoys 16-1874YesJun 11 2018 1:30PM
Wilson, AliLincoln, ILGirls 15-1885NoReserve
Witsman, FaithMount Carmel, IllinoisGirls 15-1895NoJun 11 2018 12:40PM
Young, MadelynMount Carmel, IllinoisGirls 13-1485NoJun 11 2018 12:30PM